Types of Demons or Not Any Types of Demons...That is the Question.

Saint standing firm, holding the Bible, our weapon of our warfare has the divine powers to destroy strongholdsby Vivian Gendernalik

When I had been researching what domain name to call this site before I got a Holy Spirit inspiration to call it demons.ninja, I discovered that people search online for 'types of demons.'

Some are seeking this not because they really wonder what kinds there are, but to learn more about certain game or story characters.

Some of course are wondering about the real demonic world, which I can attest to you through personal encounters is true just as the Bible says.

When we turn to the Bible for any evidence concerning types of demons, Scriptures reveal that indeed there are different types when we look at the various experiences of Jesus and the Apostles. Keep Reading

Demons Use Subtle Strategies Able To Ensnare Even Most Faithful.

Sword of Truth Strike to Demons

by Vivian Gendernalik

This is a call to the saints who can become entangled to these subtle demonic snares without them even realizing it. 

Because it comes in a modern package, often the faithful do not realize they have fallen for an enemy snare. 

This ability of subtle warfare is biblical as we are told that Satan uses wiles to overcome us. Keep Reading

After encountering several demons, the best defense against demons I've found.

Saint standing firm, holding the Bible, our weapon of our warfare has the divine powers to destroy strongholds

by Vivian Gendernalik

This technique God gave me in a dream over thirty years ago with an ominous feel to the dream it was to prepare me for an appointment with evil.

That is exactly what happened a few weeks later in what turned out to be my first official face off with a demon, an encounter I relate in Chapter 4 of my book, "Born In A War Between Dark And Light." 

I later learned when I became a born-again Christian that this is a prime principal in the Bible to beating demons. Keep Reading